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Product id - Name - Color
14765-Crocosmia 'Mistral'
112004-Dianthus standaard 'Caroline'
28964-Dianthus standaard 'Segreto'
108287-Dianthus standaard 'Soledad'
27407-Dianthus tros Action
116826-Euphorbia cyathophora Forix Bliss
28775-Euphorbia fulgens 'Fire King'
119229-Euphorbia fulgens vertakt 'Fire King'
115121-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Big Deal'
112184-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Daystar'
116276-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Haribo'
20596-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Isadora'
18522-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Monarch'
18245-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Shock'
112650-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Style'
10664-Gerbera grootbloemig Kozak
107873-Gerbera grootbloemig Lipari
112626-Gerbera grootbloemig Terra Lauro
116834-Gerbera mini 'Brunhilde'
20270-Gerbera mini 'Libellaline'
102348-Gerbera mini 'Lottery'
20597-Gerbera mini 'Marelin'
121172-Gerbera mini Colori
107925-Gerbera mini Pokerface
26628-Gerbera mini Sensation
24185-Gerbera mini Smart
11245-Gladiolus (Large-flowered Grp) 'Chinon'
12254-Gladiolus (Large-flowered Grp) 'Hong Kong'
869-Gladiolus (Large-flowered Grp) 'Peter Pears'
2077-Gladiolus (Small-flowered Grp) 'Prinses Margaret Rose'
104593-Grevillea 'Coastal Sunset'
19805-Heliconia wagneriana 'Chubby'
111456-Hippeastrum (Colibri Grp) 'Tia Maria'
28808-Hippeastrum (Diamond Grp) 'Caramel'
24049-Hippeastrum (Diamond Grp) 'Orangina'
19060-Hippeastrum (Double Galaxy Grp) 'Dancing Queen'
19046-Hippeastrum (Galaxy Grp) 'Desire'
18977-Hippeastrum (Galaxy Grp) 'Rilona'
24567-Hippeastrum (Galaxy Grp) 'Tineke Verburg'
19069-Hippeastrum (Galaxy Grp) 'Vivaldi'
119444-Ilex verticillata Ilexia Victoria
106695-Ilex verticillata Magical Times
102258-Jatropha podagrica 'Firecracker'
103733-Leucospermum 'Nikki Umali'
23759-Lilium (Asiatic Grp) 'Fire Wings'
116462-Ranunculus asiaticus Pon-Pon Flora
114620-Rosa Glorious Hiphop
121319-Rosa grootbloemig Cayenne
115938-Rosa grootbloemig Flash Eye@
14050-Rosa grootbloemig Gypsy Curiosa
110286-Rosa grootbloemig High & Happy
103907-Rosa grootbloemig High & Intenzz
23205-Rosa grootbloemig Kalahari+
118093-Rosa grootbloemig Piccadilly
116701-Rosa grootbloemig Watercolor
24355-Rosa Hiphop Dark Red
100386-Rosa kleinbloemig Clio
114127-Rosa kleinbloemig Lexson
18600-Rosa Magical Fantasy
116063-Rosa tros Rambo Sensation@
115005-Rosa tros Zadique
100824-Scadoxus 'Orange Wonder'
24791-Siervruchten per stuk Solanum integrifolium
24531-Siervruchten per tak Solanum integrifolium
24810-Tulipa (Darwinhybrid Grp) 'Darwiking'
120099-Tulipa (Double Late Grp) 'Limerick'
120408-Tulipa (Fosteriana Grp) 'Park View'
104107-Tulipa (Lily-flowered Grp) 'Royal Pretender'
5678-Tulipa (Parrot Grp) 'Rococo'
121282-Tulipa (Single Early Grp) 'Red Paradise' met bol
103690-Tulipa (Triumph Grp) 'Quickstep'