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Product id - Name - Color
21-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) Avo Anneke
13027-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) Cognac
118025-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) Leganza
110543-Dianthus standaard 'Monnalisa'
73-Dianthus tros 'Furlana'
265-Dianthus tros 'Medea'
103956-Euphorbia fulgens Pink Baron
103770-Euphorbia fulgens vertakt Pink Baron
26468-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Alexia'
115898-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Charlize'
102419-Gerbera mini Imca
102560-Gerbera mini Maitresse
11246-Gladiolus (Large-flowered Grp) 'Cimarosa'
115780-Gladiolus (Large-flowered Grp) 'New Release'
2791-Gladiolus kleinbloemig nanus 'Nathalie'
22745-Hippeastrum (Galaxy Grp) 'Darling'
119398-Hippeastrum (Galaxy Grp) 'Rosé'
14118-Hyacinthus orientalis 'Gipsy Queen'
25808-Hypericum androsaemum Pink Attraction
118719-Matthiola incana 'Milla Salmon'
111576-Ranunculus asiaticus 'Amandine Pastel'
110632-Rosa grootbloemig Adelaide
103661-Rosa grootbloemig Fantastica
120211-Rosa grootbloemig Loïs Lane
24525-Rosa grootbloemig Olympia@
101261-Rosa grootbloemig Pink Finess
118150-Rosa grootbloemig Sweet Tacazzi+
12067-Rosa kleinbloemig Candid Prophyta
10987-Rosa kleinbloemig Dream
15819-Rosa kleinbloemig Isis!
10101-Rosa kleinbloemig Ohio
25860-Rosa tros Isis!
105563-Rosa tros Pink Shake Freelander
19155-Rosa tros Springtime
368-Tulipa (Single Early Grp) 'Apricot Beauty'
7718-Tulipa (Single Early Grp)'Beauty Queen'
101808-Tulipa (Single Late Grp) 'Grand Cru Vacqueyras'