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Product id - Name - Color
103618-Alstroemeria Sukari
11424-Anemone 'Gloria Pink'
4415-Anemone coronaria 'Mona Lisa Pink'
108380-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) 'Pink Christina'
2362-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) 'Sonate'
12674-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) Avo Melanie
100038-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) Feska
12914-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) Rosa
17465-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) Sirion
103137-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) Sonate Royal
11989-Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) Spirit
101572-Anthurium India Love
119918-Begonia (Elatior Grp) Brighty-Line Sweet
116020-Dianthus 'Minitiara Coral Pink'
118602-Dianthus 'Raffine Petit Aimee'
21986-Dianthus barbatus 'Cinderella Coral'
119205-Dianthus barbatus Arsenal
522-Dianthus barbatus Barbarella Zalmroze
1873-Dianthus barbatus per bos overig roze
3752-Dianthus standaard 'Castellaro'
104581-Dianthus standaard 'De Chirico'
28890-Dianthus standaard 'Gigolo'
118280-Dianthus standaard 'Misaki'
100126-Dianthus standaard 'Morella'
116636-Dianthus standaard 'Sancho'
15357-Dianthus standaard 'Veritas'
103486-Dianthus tros 'Champs Elysees'
13376-Dianthus tros 'Salmon Prestige'
116619-Dianthus tros 'Yumiko'
27298-Dianthus tros Santrop
119411-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Avenue'
27635-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Bismarck'
119006-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Brooklyn'
114114-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Dumas'
119427-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Five Star'
116281-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Fortaleza'
118037-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Girl Power'
26026-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Moonira'
111629-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Rosita'
25556-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Suzy Q'
24307-Gerbera grootbloemig 'Yucatan'
118824-Gerbera grootbloemig Bubblegum
113371-Gerbera grootbloemig Itsaparty
107911-Gerbera grootbloemig Tianna
114703-Gerbera grootbloemig Topping
111548-Gerbera mini 'Bryce'
113361-Gerbera mini 'Catch Me'
119644-Gerbera mini 'Ida'
119657-Gerbera mini 'Ivy-Mae'
120429-Gerbera mini 'Lobstar'
111306-Gerbera mini 'Marshmallow'
27641-Gerbera mini 'Merlot'
117036-Gerbera mini 'Reiki'
117039-Gerbera mini 'Sandokan'
17022-Gerbera mini 'Shayna'
111962-Gerbera mini bolvormig Gerrondo Terra Cupid
116763-Gerbera mini bolvormig Gerrondo Terra Themis
119499-Gerbera mini bolvormig Pomponi Rockstar
118271-Gerbera mini Pinktoe
28305-Gladiolus (Large-flowered Grp) 'Belladonna'
982-Gladiolus (Large-flowered Grp) 'Ben Venuto'
105583-Gladiolus (Large-flowered Grp) 'Cassis'
101210-Gladiolus (Large-flowered Grp) 'Cheops'
107034-Hippeastrum (Diamond Grp) 'Chou Chou'
116373-Hippeastrum (Double Galaxy Grp) Pretty Nymph
104082-Hippeastrum (Galaxy Grp) 'Avanti'
18991-Hippeastrum (Galaxy Grp) 'Hercules'
18985-Hippeastrum (Galaxy Grp) 'Telstar'
18730-Hypericum androsaemum Candy Flair
120893-Hypericum androsaemum Sakura Flair
117929-Hypericum Coco Lipstick
22371-Hypericum Coco Pico
102636-Hypericum x inodorum Coral Expression
117315-Kalanchoe 'Juicy Pink Meadow'
102622-Lathyrus odoratus 'Misty Rosy Red'
100665-Paeonia 'Coral Supreme'
117229-Paeonia 'Lorelei'
23562-Paeonia (Lactiflora Grp) 'Pink Hawaiian Coral'
5997-Phlox (Paniculata Grp) 'Windsor'
2573-Protea grandiceps
581-Rosa (Polyantha Grp) tros 'Dorus Rijkers'
10069-Rosa grootbloemig 'Alvaro'
15798-Rosa grootbloemig Aquarell
11781-Rosa grootbloemig Bo
27233-Rosa grootbloemig Cherry Lip
119070-Rosa grootbloemig Colosseum@
111603-Rosa grootbloemig Corneille
18709-Rosa grootbloemig Discovery
16401-Rosa grootbloemig Duett
113058-Rosa grootbloemig Giardina
19895-Rosa grootbloemig Holsteinperle
103765-Rosa grootbloemig Miss Piggy+
22472-Rosa grootbloemig Moscow****
116946-Rosa grootbloemig Olivia
117886-Rosa grootbloemig Sankara
118538-Rosa grootbloemig Siana+
104036-Rosa kleinbloemig Image
102866-Rosa kleinbloemig Nancy!
4656-Rosa tros Evelien
120903-Rosa tros Fair Flow
103193-Rosa tros Red Pompon Freelander
119451-Rosa tros Royal Evelien
118276-Rosa tros Summer Dance
2581-Tulipa (Darwinhybrid Grp) 'Apeldoorn's Elite'
25103-Tulipa (Darwinhybrid Grp) 'Van Eijk'
119819-Tulipa (Double Early Grp) 'Voicemail'
2451-Tulipa (Double Late Grp) 'Renown Unique'
102250-Tulipa (Double Late Grp) 'Twinkle Star'
7579-Tulipa (Fringed Grp) 'Madison Garden'
100231-Tulipa (Fringed Grp) 'Petticoat'
29045-Tulipa (Fringed Grp) 'Queensland'
25110-Tulipa (Greigii Grp) 'Pinocchio'
116595-Tulipa (Lily-flowered Grp) 'Chic Rose'
119845-Tulipa (Parrot Grp) 'Dee Jay Parrot'
27451-Tulipa (Parrot Grp) 'Flamingo Parrot'
10003-Tulipa (Single Late Grp) 'Renown'
111292-Tulipa (Triumph Grp) 'Anna Krasavitsa'
15330-Tulipa (Triumph Grp) 'Denise'
14189-Tulipa (Triumph Grp) 'Fusarino'
106122-Tulipa (Triumph Grp) 'Mafdet'
4468-Tulipa (Triumph Grp) 'Princess Victoria'
17638-Tulipa (Triumph Grp) 'Prior'
258-Tulipa (Triumph Grp) 'Salmon Pearl'